What I Offer

What i do

 I nurture through communication, listen  to your concerns and bring calm to difficult situations.  I can sense the energetic field around you and share what I see and feel.  I specialize in all areas of holistic nutrition, especially chronic auto-immune conditions.  In my capacity as a spiritual messenger, psychic,  and lifestyle nutrition healer,  I offer guidance, inspiration, trust, faith, wisdom and honesty with the help of spirit, angels and guides.

As a healer I can assist you in finding your way to living a passionate and fulfilling life.  My  approach is to support you in strengthening your connection to spirit and following your intuition; as well as, identifying and transforming any negative beliefs and behaviors that are no longer  serving you. 

I always look at food, nutrition, and stress, as well as symptoms that a person is experiencing along with outside influences which can help me understand your emotional health.  One of the challenges in a persons life journey is learning to take care of not just your physical health.  If you are suffering from chronic illness such as an auto-immune disease, you need to learn to take time to care for your emotional, physical and spiritual health. This sets the stage for sustained lifestyle and can often prevent a more devastating illness and promotion of more chronic conditions.

I like to help clients find ways to set goals and become who they are meant to be. Most importantly you will put one step in front of the other, learn to let go, and be free and at peace.  You will learn to do this though mindfulness, gratefulness, forgiving if need be, and learning the art of acceptance. 

You can also book a private in person or distance Reiki Session for further your healing and wellness plan


Nutritional, spiritual, wellness, and healing private consultations.  In person, or on the phone. 

Auto-Immune conditions

Holistic Nutritional Counseling for your specific condition.

Can include 

  • Food consultations
  • Lifestyle change suggestions
  • Leaky gut repair
  • Supplementation Plan
  • Food Protocols
  • Cleanses and Detox

Level II Reiki Practitioner

Offering private, group and distant healing sessions.  Contact for package pricing