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4 New Event Programs:

 I have decided to add presentations in your home or mine a few times a month to bring wellness further into the community. 

4 of the subjects I would like to cover in a presentation would be:


Most people hardly think at all about their gut unless there’s a problem: constipation, diarrhea, pain, etc. But if we focus more on proper gut health, we find that overall health tends to blossom. That’s because the gut—more than the brain, the heart or any other organ—is deeply connected with many other body systems and function. Includes product suggestions .

Beautiful You! Real Beauty Starts Within

Collagen is a fibrous protein made by special cells in the connective tissue. It features four key amino acids—building blocks that help form collagen’s fiber-like structure. Collagen offers structural support and tensile strength to many body tissues. It also promotes skin elasticity and hydration to support softer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin...making you beautiful from the inside out! Includes product suggestions especially collagen peptides.

PURIFY 2.0 A Revolutionary Heavy Metal Detox Program

HOW TOXIC ARE YOU?TOXIC WORLD+ TOXIC GUT= TOXIC HEALTH  Up to 90% of our body’s cells are actually bacteria, fungi and other microbes that live in the gut. These visitors affect key body functions like cardio, glandular, immune and nerve function and impact weight, blood sugar, energy and skin health. In addition to toxins, stress, and a poor diet and lifestyle can create a critical imbalance in gut bacteria. DID YOU KNOW? High-carb diets, sedentary lifestyles, glucose issues, extra weight, indigestion, pollution and environmental toxins can all lead to an unbalanced microbiome (overgrowth of bad bacteria). When bad bacteria dominate the gut they produce endotoxins. These weaken or damage the gut lining, allowing food and toxins toescape and spread throughout the body, impairing health. (many of you know I speak often of auto-immune conditions)

PURIFY can also be done as a 4-week program that includes products and meal plan.

These would include a 30- minute presentation (at minimum) of what the program or system is about….as well as discussion in the group about existing health conditions anyone may have, and they all come with product suggestions to address the issue at hand.


The Purify program above also can be transformed into a 4-week program with sessions. 

Adaptogens: Life-Changing Herbs

THE PROBLEM: TOO MUCH STRESS...NOT ENOUGH ENERGY.OUR WORLD IN A NUTSHELL. But why? Mental well-being can be influenced by many things, including: 

• Poor diet. Most of us eat too many refined foods, not enough whole foods/nutrients, and too much sugar (causes spikes in blood sugar and insulin issues).

• Overfull schedules. We work longer, play harder, sleep less and pack more into our day without taking enough time for rest and recuperation.

• Social media and e-lifestyles. It’s not just keeping up with the Joneses, it’s keeping up with the 24-hour news feeds, social media accounts and unrealistic expectations that surround us. What are your top two stressors?

CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION on hosting an event or having me host your group!

You can also see me privately for any info on these suggestions and protocols to fit into your own life!