Kerry Fleckenstein, Therapeutic Lifestyle Recovery Coach
9:04 am

4 Best foods for Auto-immune Disease

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Auto-immune disease is made more uncomfortable when your diet included many processed foods.  Substituting Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easier to digest than many shortenings, processed fats, and especially margarine.  Heck I take a shot of it a day!  I always joked with my kids about the olive oil brownies they were eating.  But seriously, delicious.  Try substituting it in one thing at a time.  Try it on a savory oatmeal.

2. Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are essential to include in your diet if you suffer from autoimmune disease. It’s important to maintain your health and nutrient level.  If you experience digestive distress try eating a lot of veggies, try them cooked.  Steamed.  You maintain the integrity of the veggie and the fiber but some of the breakdown has already happened for you.  Broccoli is super-food.  Try organic veggies as much as possible.  This limits your intake of extra toxins.

3. Whole Grains

Just as you should avoid processed fats and shortenings, you should also avoid processed carbohydrates. Instead of opting for heavily refined and processed sugars or flour, select whole grain alternatives. Locally made fresh bread is a good choice over standard loaves of bread that you can buy in the grocery store. Opt for natural sugar sources instead of refined sugar; maple syrup, molasses and honey make excellent sweeteners as alternatives to regular white sugar.  Try Oatmeal with any of the aforementioned sweeteners.  The key is to have as few ingredients as possible, especially in your grain foods.  How about Brown rice pasta?  As a general rule of thumb, go gluten free at least at first.

4. Easy to Digest Dairy

Although dairy is a potentially dangerous item to include in your diet if you suffer from autoimmune disease, it's still an important element of your diet. Choose dairy that is easier to digest, like eggs and yogurt. Kefir is a great option.  Try it plain, with honey, or in a smoothie.  Opt for low fat versions to reduce the stress on your body and to eliminate the opportunity for autoimmune episodes to develop. 
Remember.... eat as few ingredients as possible to start eliminating symptoms.