Kerry Fleckenstein, Therapeutic Lifestyle Recovery Coach
9:00 am

Wow! Have you managed it yet?

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to things that upset your balance. Studies show that most people experience some type of stress throughout the year.  “When your brain perceives a threat, it signals your body to release a burst of hormones to fuel your capacity for a response.” The problem comes when we have non stop stress and the release is constant.

Signs of too much stress:

•Digestive distress
•Chest pain and racing heart
•Mood swings
Determining the cause of your stress is your first step.  After identifying the cause is the time to start working on strategies to deal with them.  Often it is as easy as staying away from the neighbor who drives you nuts, or turning off the news.  If you can’t avoid the stress inducer, then next step is to figure out ways to live with it.

Don’t try to do it on your own.  Join a group who is going through the same stress as you, seek help from family and friends.   You may also benefit from daily practices that encourage stress reduction, like mindfulness, prayer, meditation, yoga or just going outside to enjoy nature..

In our world, it is unrealistic to expect stress to disappear from your life.  Managing stress isn’t a one day thing.  With consistent effort,  you can learn to manage your levels of stress and increase your ability to handle the challenges that bring stress.

Relieve Stress by:

•Proper nutrition
•Enjoying nature
•Getting away from the cause
•Take a break
What are some of the ways that you relieve stress?

Kerry Fleckenstein, Therapeutic Lifestyle Recovery Coach
9:00 am

I want you to DO IT this year!

Are you happy?  How do you feel right now?  Is your body comfortable and healthy, your heart full of love, your mind clear and at ease, and your soul  peaceful? This is the beginning of knowing your feelings, knowing yourself. 

Let’s talk about life….
  • Do you have the relationships you want? 
  • Do you feel loved? 
  • Do you love yourself?
  • Is money working for you the way/s you would like?
  • Are you and the Divine on friendly terms?
  • Do you love your body?
  • Is your body treating you right or are experiencing unexplained symptoms of  illness or digestion problems?
  • What about your environment? Does it look pleasant to you? 
  • Today, how does your life look, compared to what you envisioned on January 1st a year ago?

Wait!  Why have I not mentioned RESOLUTIONS yet? Because they don’t work.  As I’ve said before.  Change comes attached to emotions.  You can’t just jump into the new year with a sense of discipline and determination without the real powerful feeling of wanting more than anything, change.  I want you to forget the guilt and forget being hard on yourself. .  Today, as a stress management expert, I’m not talking enthusiastically about goals and resolutions.  I’m asking how you feel.

I want your life and work to be as painless and as satisfying as possible.