What? You have auto-immune disease?


So.. I am asked every week for more info on how to treat auto-immune disease and its symptoms.  Here is a bit of information that I always recommend.

I urge everyone with Hashimotos or auto-immune thyroid disease (or any auto-immune disease for that matter) to get off gluten and dairy.  At least at first using an elimination diet.  Getting off gluten has been shown sometimes to single-handedly correct auto-immune disorders and about half of people with gluten intolerance also have dairy intolerance. 

It’s important to discuss your condition with your doctor and follow instructions appropriately in case you have been prescribed medication.  Several micro-nutrients and vitamins are important for proper thyroid function, too, so you may also be able to address Hashimotos naturally. My protocol in treating low thyroid usually involves: vitamin D, as deficiency in this vitamin is more common in people with autoimmune thyroditis; iodine, which is important for normal metabolic and thyroid function; a good moderated Paleo approach to food which contain copper,  thyroid is sensitive to this element (meats, poultry and eggs are rich sources of copper); as well as zinc, selenium, vitamin A and iron, which are all important for proper thyroid function.  These can be found in a good multivitamin with Iron.  I use the Metagenics Phyto-multi with Iron.  Lets not forget pro-biotics as well as a good Omega 3.  Again as a metagenics provider I love their products. 

So let’s not forget how your auto-immune disease got turned on in the first place.  Keep in mind that stress is a significant cause of thyroid burnout. Are you under chronic stress and maybe don’t even know it?  Or you do know it but haven't found a way to cope or get it under control?  Beating Hashimotos and any other auto-immune disease,  and restoring thyroid balance will probably require some adjustments in the lifestyle department.  I say probably, but I mean definitely.  Not huge changes, but changes that can mean a world of differences.  Let’s give it a try.