We are killing ourselves!


Thirty years ago the leading cause of death was sudden occurrences brought on by heart attacks or germs and infectious diseases.  Diet, hygiene, antibiotics, stress and auto-immune disease, and technology have changed things.

Today the American Medical Association states that the leading cause of death is LIFESTYLE.  That means we are killing ourselves.  Disease and illness brought on by stress, diet, drinking and in-activity are the main causes.  We are all going one way or the other.  But why does it have to be at your own hand?

Here is a test, answer True or False:

· Stress comes from Overwork
· If I love work, and can do as much as I want
· If I exercise vigorously, I will be less stressed and unlikely to have a heart attack
· As you move up in your company, pay scale, etc. you will have less stress
· Certain jobs are more stressful than others.

All FALSE!  Stress can be reduced no matter what the circumstances when your express and then act on your desire for independence and control of your destiny and you are willing to change your habits and beliefs.  Take back your control.

Maybe you can’t change your job, how much money your make, or who you work with, but you can change your food habits, make small lifestyle changes, or just empower yourself.  Your life is in YOUR hands. 

"Better put a strong fence found the top of the cliff
Than an ambulance down in the valley"
Joseph Malins