Let your journal change your life!


I moved, again.  As often happens everything get thrown into boxes and when opened it sometimes feels like a gift.  Today I happened to be looking through my “important papers” and there it was.  I journaled one of the worst years of my life.  2011.  I sat down and read many pages.  Though the content would make most people’s hair curl, I felt gratitude.  That journal often at the end of the day, saved me. 

I often talk to clients about journaling or writing things down.  You may not think so, but it is a release onto paper your thoughts and feelings you may not be able to say out loud.  It’s not hard.  You just have to start.  This works for a problem or a dilemena in your life or it works for food and weight loss.  FYI usually weight gain comes with an unhappy soul!  Hence a great reason to write.

Just sit down for 10 minutes, Start writing about anything. Do not feel like you have to write complete sentences or spell things correctly or even stay on topic.  Just write and keep on writing for a set period of time. Allow yourself to vent, complain, explain, reflect....

Top reasons to journal:
  • Improve mental clarity/help solve problems/improve overall focus  by writing things down you are getting rid of mental and emotional clutter.  You can become more focused
  • Have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals  you become more in touch with your feelings and can form healthy goals.  Your are transferring your problem onto paper.  This is helping to solve your problem vs. store the problem.
  • Improve insight and understanding sometimes it helps to see and understand your life, your situation, your pain/happiness when it can be read back.  You are reflecting.  You are having a conversation with your inner self.  I hope you’re listening!  If you are truly writing down your thoughts or feelings you are seeing your truth.
  • Track your overall development as you progress through days and months you can track your progression.  It allows you to look back and see from where you have come!!
  • Facilitate personal growth it is a step forward.  When things can be seen in black and white it becomes clearer and you hopefully will take steps towards growth.  You won’t thing “oh well, that was stupid” and move on.  Maybe you wrote “I won’t do that again” See the difference?
  • For me, I’m going to pick up my journal and start again.  Everything above has happened.  I am in a completely different place now, I see where I was and where I am going.  It will be interesting to read next year what I write today!

If you want help, you know where to reach me.